Monday, August 24, 2009

feedback on community presentations

In a nutshell; The Michael Wesch you tube presentation didn't grab my attention initially. Maybe I expect to be entertained by you tube, let's face it when surfing we want instant satisfaction and I didn't get it from that, sorry Michael but I didn't feel instantly connected. BUT, being a dutiful student I did persevere to find a very entertaining and informative presentation. I am on you tube, my daughter surprised me by coming to NZ to visit unannounced , hid in a cupboard and, which my son asked me to get something from. They filmed and posted it on there for my family back in UK to see. My son (20) gets involved in political debates online, that is just something that I would had not had the confidence to do when I was 20.

I enjoyed Steven Downe's clippit. He makes some valid points that I may need to digest further. I don't see why we have to draw distinctions between a group and a network. I will flit between the two as and when the need takes me. This, that and the other should have a health warning with all the rapid image changes. If you were to use that in a UK classroom you may need to warn students with a disposition for epilepsy or migraines that the imagery may have an adverse effect. Certainly attention grabbing, inter-dispersed with text.

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