Saturday, December 12, 2009

Step 2 Analyse the Experience

Implications of your decisions, actions, reactions


It was my decision to control the resources used. I did this as I thought as facilitator, it was part of my role. I uploaded them to eMIT so that I had control should we need to change to elluminate. After all this was my assessment. I wanted to share the applications with the presenters but was advised that I should have access. It was my decision to put the new platform to the test. It was my decision to showcase the interactive flash resources.

What happened and why?

The introductions went smoothly I welcomed everyone. The microphone was a bit tricky as I needed to hold the button down which meant that I couldn’t change the powerpoint slides without turning the microphone off. So there were gaps in the audio when I changed slides. At precisely 23.39 minutes in it all started to happen. The second presenter lost audio. The screen was staggered when loading as demonstrated in the image above. The sharing application facility resulted in six screens appearing on the archive yet only one on my screen during the session.

Google image (Sound)
 When I listened back to the recording, it is evident that there was a delay between me clicking on the talk button and the audio coming through. The beginning of some of my words/sentences were inaudible on the recording. When playing back the session from the archive, some of the visuals were lost. I could see the presentation and although some took time to load they were visible.                                                                     

What could I have done better?
The resources could have been loaded onto the platform so the presenters could control the slides from the platform. Maybe I should have had an internal and external run through to test the bandwidth and speed demands. Maybe I should have run the full session, recorded it and played it back to check the audio etc. If I had done this I would have realised the difficulties involved and the limitations of the platform.

Did my actions and decisions help or hinder?
On reflection some of my decisions hindered the smooth running of the session. I had to set up the sharing applications facility several times as the screen shot shows. Other decisions helped, I gave my headset to one of the presenters when his failed. However, this left me with a dilemma, I had to take someone else’s place to be able to facilitate. This meant taking the place of one of the other presenters. At one point, when I was attempting to reinstate the application sharing and the system or platform really slowed, I asked the participants to continue their discussion. In an attempt to keep morale high I arranged a Mexican wave of smiley faces, which went down well.

What did others do and why?

You may recall that Lisa (one of the presenters) is the trainer for Wimba create. Lisa sprung into action when things started to go awry. I think that this was a natural reaction for her. It was a test of nerves for me, I felt that I should have been rectifying the situation. This meant that Lisa used my log in to rectify problems and I used her log in to continue the communication. The participants helped me greatly in maintaining the momentum through the use of the text box. I can only assume that this was because they felt comfortable enough to be able to continue. All supported me in my hour of need.

What assumptions did I make and why?

I made the assumption that I was safe, I had the NZ trainer for the platform; I had two presenters who had great resources to share; I was using the platform that my employers had invested in for our flexible delivery. I assumed that I was among friends, I was. The FOC09 group knew exactly how I was feeling and was supportive. I made the assumption that the hard work had been completed in the preparation, how wrong I was. I made the assumption that the bandwidth and speed would accommodate my needs. I made the assumption that that the platform would meet my needs and the needs of the participants. I made the assumption that the participants could see and hear what I could.

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  1. I think the key to this session was that you tried to do too much...I think you should have stuck with one presenter. That way you would have found it easier to handle the technology and would have had time for more in depth discussion :) Food for thought?


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