Monday, October 19, 2009

Second Life

Hi Peeps,

I feel that I have seriously neglected the Community. The reason - none other than second life. Two reasons for my absence 1) I have been otherwise occupied by Dixie, my alter ego and 2) Second life takes so long to download the backgrounds etc that I can only access it from home hence the lack of engagement with my virtual colleagues in the virtual world.

So, for me, second life is a double edged sword, I love the thought of it and have made friends with people from around the globe (I have been able to converse in Spanish). The avatars have been very helpful in taking me for a tour of their favourite sites. I have been fascinated by the freedom of being able to manipulate my image. The downside has been the speed of the applications, I have found it very frustrating, the system at work cannot cope with it. A home, it slows down the wi fi - much to the annoyance of my husband.

So how will I use these new founds skills, I have not quite worked this one out yet. I have visited the education sites in second life but my timing must be out as no-one has ever been there. Not sure how I can use with students but I'll try to find a way.

How have you all found it?

Right on to Dim Dim


  1. Hiya
    I found exactly the same thing... visiting places which were empty. At the nonprofit commons a friendly 'soul' told me about their weekly meetings and social dances. I guess I'll have to go back - but to be honest I'm not sure whether this trumps over other stuff I could do. Jury is out.

  2. I'll be honest, I have always been ambivalent about SL - there's huge access issues. But when it works well, it is very effective. I have been to some amazing international conferences & there's a very strong community based around Jokaydia. Keep persevering - you never know who you may bump into.


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