Monday, November 9, 2009

Mini conference topic

My topic for the mini conference is making the transition. I can only relate to my experience but when I underwent teacher training I learned learnt how to plan a lesson, set learning goals, assess learning, transfer of information, reflective practice, etc.etc. Then I was observed in teaching practice, three times. Graded against the criteria of engagement with the students: whether I interacted with each and everyone of them; how I interacted with each and everyone one of them. The assessment task, is it fair, valid and reliable. This was followed up through my portfolio of evidence via the copy of the marked assessment and my feedback to the student.

Now it’s not that long since I gained my teaching qualification 2001 in fact. I did have to meet extra criteria as the UK government needed teachers who could use ICT in their teaching practice. My point is what do we do to prepare the teachers of today? Some will be taught be tutors who make use of web 2 technologies. What about those who have been teaching a while and need to update themselves? How do they make the transition? Is that what we are doing on this programme?

I have a tripartite role at MIT: I have the creative and exciting role of staff development, programme development and quality assurance at the Institute. This means that I get to impact the student experience indirectly. Hence - my interest in ‘making the transition’.

I would like to facilitate an interactive Q & A session so I need you to think about some questions ‘prompts to stimulate discussion’. Bearing in mind that I am in facilitation mode and cannot participate in any other manner.

The results of the poll are that 9-10 or 11-12 NZ time on a Tuesday or Wednesday seems to be the favourite so I have produced another poll. To check your equivalent time use the world clock.


  1. How much knowledge of technology does today's teacher need?
    What technology does the teacher need to be faimilar with?
    Why does the teacher need to be familiar with technology?

    Keeping in mind the audience may be made up of people other than teachers, how will you cater for their needs?

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  3. Hi Debra,

    where is the other poll mentioned?

  4. Hello Debra, thank you very much for the mini event yesterday. It was very interesting to see how Wimba worked. I have heard about it, but haven't seen how it worked in practice.

    You did a great job facilitating the event. You were well organised, advertised the session well making sure our motivation was up to attend, which I think was hard considering so many people had said they would not be attending. I felt we could have been orientated a little better to the software, but I loved the 'mexican wave' at the end. You also gave us the opportunity to ask questions as we went along.

    I look forward to reading your reflections on the event.

  5. Hi Debra, I have experience of introducing teachers to new technology and believe that the transition varies. Some take it up very fast, some a bit slower and a very few not at all. I believe it is all a learning curve, and using networks and communities to help them see how they can use the technology in their teaching is useful to get them motivated. They also need time to try things out and practice them (something teachers don't have a lot of). It is a very exiting role to be part of.

    I enjoyed your event very much. It was interesting to see what the designers and producers had been up to.


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